Blueberry Pineapple Mojito: Traced back as early as the 16th century, the classic Mojito was invented in Havana Cuba. The Blueberry Pineapple Mojito is made the old fashioned way and also has fresh blueberries and pineapples thrown into the mix to give it both sweet and sour notes.


Size: 90ml

ABV: 11%


*For over 18 year olds ONLY*

*Enjoy Responsibly*

Blueberry Pineapple Mojito (Poptail)

  • This product is boxed in units of 10 popsicles per box. Once received, the box must be placed in a freezer immediately until consumed. Consume within 2 months of purchase.


    *For over 18 year olds ONLY*

    *Enjoy Responsibly*

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